We are a duo of sci-fi filmmakers. By day we work in Silicon Valley, collaborating with the most brilliant minds in the world to design the technologies that will define the future. At night we explore the edges of this future, creating stories about heroes and villains, dangerous ideas, and their unexpected ramifications.

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Corrections is a near-future science fiction series about crime and punishment. The series takes place in a next-generation prison where inmates are rehabilitated and tested through simulations that evaluate their moral resolve in their most intimate moments. The pilot episode follows Cyrus, a prison parole technician, as he becomes obsessed with Alice, a beautiful and sociopathic inmate that the system seems unable to reform.

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After learning his estranged sister is dying of a rare form of cancer, ex special ops soldier Mason uses an experimental gene therapy to transform her into a ‘Synth’ - a human-alien hybrid, impervious to disease but no longer fully human. In his haste to help his sister and make her a Synth like him, Mason exposes his team to a cartel who hunts Synths, looking to exploit and profit off them.

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