As a filmmaking duo, we spend our days making branded content and vision films for some of the biggest companies and innovative start-ups in the world.

After playing all day with the most interesting ideas, technologies and toys in the world, we can’t just put them back in the box.  They crawl around in our heads and lay eggs in our brains, they help us imagine futures that are full of promise and danger. These are the stories we want to tell you.

We know first hand that the future will not be poorly written or sloppy, so we don’t think movies or series about it should be either.  It also won’t be boring, safe, or defined by tropes that pre-date electricity. We can tell a more compelling story about the future because we live there.


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Nick Tucker

I am a high-functioning hoarder of comics and sci-fi books. I’m drawn to stories that force us to question the assumptions in our own life and look at the world through new eyes.

I’m currently a Director with Freethink, an online media company, where I make short documentaries about our changing world. Prior to this I helped to build the film practice at Frog Design, using narrative filmmaking as a tool to help design the products and services of the future. In addition to my skills as a producer, director, and writer I also bring experience as a cinematographer and VFX artist.

I started in independent film, producing and directing several feature narratives and documentaries. Out of college, I founded and ran a production company that produced content for some of the largest corporations and media companies in the world, including Wired, Condé Nast, and The New York Times.

When I’m not making movies I can be found building Legos with my son or reading at the local comic book store.


Taylor Hamilton

I love projects inspired by the issues that affect people of color, with a sci-fi twist. People of color grapple with conflicting feelings: alienation and cultural relevance, helplessness and superpowers. These feelings resonate perfectly with sci-fi themes like aliens, robots, space, and portals to other worlds.

I’m currently a Director with Freethink, an online media company, where I make short documentaries about the people and ideas that are changing world. For eight years, I led the film practice of Frog Design, a global product design and strategy firm. My clients included Google, IKEA, GE, Visa, and a host of start-ups.

Prior to Frog Design, I directed, produced, and edited a feature documentary that premiered nationally on PBS’ Independent Lens series and was screened at The White House. For years, I worked in broadcast television as a technical director for clients such as ABC, CNN, and Oprah.

I graduated from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard-Westlake. I’m originally from Hollywood, California.